Creating Your

*Signature Talk*

Learn Talitha’s seven savvy tips to overcoming obstacles and creating a successful business. You will leave this seminar with a plan of attack to develop your business and turn your DREAMS into REALITY.


Protect Your Purse

Women in Entrepreneurship Topic

Talitha’s Signature Talk
and Book
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Learn how to manage your financial portfolio with less emotion and more strategic methodology. In this interactive talk, learn a step by step irrefutable method that will make you stronger, wiser and ultimately wealthier. Embrace this long-lasting technique for women to take control of their finances and accept the fallout that is sure to follow.


Turning Desires into Deals

Women in Entrepreneurship Topic

Navigate Gender Inequality 

Are you tired of losing the deal because of the obvious gender barriers? Are there countless number of times where being female got you the interview but wasn’t good enough to close the deal? Are you tired of being treated like a “wife at work” instead of co-worker or business owner that you are? Get ready to learn how to navigate the muddy waters of  gender inequality and close deals successfully without compromising your value.

the topic that got Talitha Nominated as a Changemaker for the United State of Woman Summit 2016 


Get Socially Successful

Social Networking and Social Proof

In this hands-on event, Talitha reviews how to effectively create and market your brand on Social Media’s largest platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. She will also review how to package your brand to maximize your businesses potential and increase your ROI.

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