Success Outside The Box Entrepreneurship Reentry Program disseminates knowledge and skills to qualifying inmates eager to venture into entrepreneurship upon release. This Entrepreneurs Reentry Program delivers innovative reentry approaches with emphasis on quality, fidelity and sustainability.

Success Outside The Box Entrepreneurship Reentry Program is committed to ensure all training and curriculum is based in the very latest research. The program is practical and relevant and benefits go beyond learning basic business skills to result in reduced recidivism and safer communities.

Imagine you’re in prison. Your release date is quickly approaching. But you’re a high-school dropout with few job skills. Even if you took classes on the inside and learned how to weld or hang drywall—you are an ex-con. Who will hire you? How are you going to survive in an already turbulent economy?

In 2015, nearly 700,000 inmates were released from state and federal prisons in the United States. Many dread the day they will regain freedom. Unable to find legitimate employment, many resort to a life of crime and quickly return behind bars. According to the Justice Department, more than 60% of prisoners are rearrested within three years of their release.

The number one challenge ex-offenders face is the obvious, their record. That’s the first and only thing many people will see. Success Outside The Box has made it our mission to help inmates overcome significant barriers to reenter society.


The benefits of the program go beyond learning basic business skills. Entrepreneurship education offers exactly what those who hope to start a new life need the most: a new mind-set and a foundation of skills that ultimately build self-esteem. Entrepreneurship is about recognizing that there’s a problem and finding some way to add value. In the program, participants learn to recognize the value in themselves and create value for others.

The classroom experience helps them to trust one another developing powerful bonds with their fellow classmates. However, to have a real shot at a productive life on the outside, former prisoners need job skills and a positive framework to recognize their own potential and a solid opportunity. Success Outside The Box Entrepreneurship Reentry programs hold promise for both halves of the solution.