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Happy Successful Business People Celebrating and Jumping in New York City

About Talitha Batts, Creator of Success Outside the Box


Talitha Batts is the CEO and creator of Success Outside the Box, a sought after talk radio show, to highlight individuals who have achieved their success despite their turbulent past or unforeseen obstacles such as single parenting, homelessness, health issues, minimum education, prison and more. As she interviewed countless amounts of guests, many began to request her to share her knowledge, vast experiences and passion for entrepreneurship with the world. Now, she sits on the Executive Board of Emerging Women NC (North Carolina) where she encourages all women everywhere to be women of influence who lead in communities, schools, organizations and inside family structures with compassion, wisdom and the highest integrity. She is also working to develop Emerging Young Women NC which seeks to create leadership opportunities for girls ages 12-14 where they are also inspired to lead. She is the Chief Marketing Advisor of Quintessential Business Group educating women and girls about business development through entrepreneurship and how to bring their products and services to market.

Ms. Batts successfully launched the Success Outside The Box Business Boot Camp which teaches a full day workshop in Business Development and entrepreneurship to assist clients with developing the necessary skills to create businesses in their own communities. Talitha has dedicated her life to helping others and is a true women Leader in her community and abroad. In 2016, Ms. Batts was invited to attend The United State of Women, The White House Summit, which rallied women from all over the world to celebrate their achievements and take action to move forward. Talitha continues to excel and deliver, taking the Success Outside the Box brand to heights unimaginable!